On Starting Over (Again)

Welcome to my newer blog!

Yes, my previous attempt at re-entering the blogosphere burned up like so much cyber space junk. There are a few reasons for this: (1) I had, at that point in my life, been out of university for four months and had trouble focusing on even the most mundane of tasks; (2) I created the blog under the provision that I would not post according to any sort of theme — which was a mistake, in retrospect; and (3) I was continuing an old trend of starting web-based projects and neglecting to see them through to the end.

A lot has changed for me since last June. For one thing, I’ve been employed for the better part of six months and have established a new set of long-term career goals. For another, I’ve gained considerable perspective (the sort that only comes with time and distance) on what it actually means to sever your ties to a professional dream you’ve long-cherished and long-coveted. I still want to use this blog as an intellectual outlet for commentary on books, films, nerd culture, &c., but I also want to write a fair bit about what it was like to withdraw from graduate school, rethink my goal of becoming an English professor, and enter the non-academic workforce. In doing so, I hope to provide a bit of experiential insight to anyone who may be in the same boat that I was in last year. Given just how uncertain the future of academic work looks to be at the moment, I imagine that more than a few of you are wondering whether or not your life jacket is functional…

As always, thanks for reading.


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